Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fast Lane

I like to do "air guitar" on my steering wheel while I'm driving. I'm sure this is a thrilling note to those who I have to share the road with. (...could be worse...I could be on a PHONE!)I drive a 5 speed so I'm shifting and hitting every precise note as well. It's pretty amazing to watch. There's an art to it, and if you've ever seen anybody that knows how to do hit every note, string for know how trippy it can be. I pretty much rock.

The other day "Free Bird" came on the radio and I almost flipped the truck.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I wouldn't know....

More Blog Plugs

My other buddy, (I've got about 3-4) Paul, reminded me that he too has a blog.
Paul's funny. He's an embolism. He doesn't have one or had one...he is one. He sells his art too.
Hey, Paul...give me some art.

Here's a drawing of Bluto as a pirate:

Did'ya ever wonder why Popeye's "Bluto" was changed to "Brutus" ? Supposedly, Disney felt that the name Bluto sounded too much like Pluto, Mickey's dog, so they asked Paramount to change it. Even back then, (early 40's) Disney felt it had a copyright on every name and image under the sun.
Yea, people are so stupid they can't decipher a P from a B. Typical Disney crapology.

I'm not sure why my drawing has Bluto dressed as a pirate....or why he's pointing the flint lock pistol over his shoulder. Maybe it's a safety issue. He's chatting with some one, Wimpy or Geezil, and he doesn't want to accidentally blow their head off.
Apparently Bluto had a vision problem and Brutus had fairly good vision. Bluto is almost always drawn cross eyed.
My friend Cheryl asked "Why did'ya draw Bluto?"
"I dunno." I answered.
She laughed at me. Cheryl's an embolism too.

Hey, Paul...I"ll trade you the Bluto sketch for one of your's.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bob Ross needs a fro pick.

I figured out the whole pic posting thing finally.

Oh my Blogs!

I've never seen so many people writing on the internet. There's no doubt about the impact of the internet at this point in my mind. When the whole computer thing started, I thought it would push people farther apart...but apparently it's gotten people to communicate MORE. I've gotten jobs strictly via e-mails with some jpegs attatched. People actually "talk" more via the computer. Because of this, my typing skills have tripled and I have the strongest fingers and wrists in the western hemisphere. I can tear the roof offa' Honda Civic.

I've read other people's blogs (that's an attractive name, by the way) and some are writing their great american novel and others tell you what they had for lunch. Mine will be the standard, "standing by the water cooler and shootin' the shit" doubt. People will read mine and it will be disclosed to the world that I'm a 'tard. No expectations. Aaaah..we can relax now.

My buddy Dave sent me a pic of Bob Ross, that dead painter with the phat fro...the one on PBS. I'm gonna post the pic as soon as I figure out how to do that.

There's a few things about computers I still don't know how to do.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Minutia Meaning

min-u-ti-a means, according to online dictionaries, "A small or trivial detail". Perfect. That's me all over.
In my day to day dealings, when I'm embroiled in some techno discussion about some project or deadline that's looming, I never fail to halt all conversations and all proceedings with some trivial crap about pop culture from when "we were kids". I stop conversations cold and then get others to talk about pointless crap that we did, saw, had, etc., from when we were kids. We could be talking about how we're going to fit this work in due tomorrow, or is the city trying to screw us with this charge...and I'll somehow turn it into an in depth discussion about why Popeye had three nephews, but never married Olive Oyl and had no siblings.
I do it every time. I can't help it.
I had a great time when I was a kid and I can always relate that time to any present situation. People seem to like drifting away on topics like that, too. It gets a smile.

That's probably going to be the basic theme of this blog...stupid things like that. I'll try to make sense, and since there's a spell check, it should at least all be spelled right. My actual hand writing has gotten worse since the invention of the computer, so this works out well. I can write in this journal and actually read my own writing. I just hope I can keep up the posting.

Thanks to Dave's blog at Chuck Central for inspiring to do a blog. He probably doesn't know that he inspired me, but he did. I've known Dave a long time and he's one of the few people who can make me laugh hard..and that's before he's even entered the room. He's also made me laugh soft.

Now all this has been done, let's hope I can do another post.
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