Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Minutia Meaning

min-u-ti-a means, according to online dictionaries, "A small or trivial detail". Perfect. That's me all over.
In my day to day dealings, when I'm embroiled in some techno discussion about some project or deadline that's looming, I never fail to halt all conversations and all proceedings with some trivial crap about pop culture from when "we were kids". I stop conversations cold and then get others to talk about pointless crap that we did, saw, had, etc., from when we were kids. We could be talking about how we're going to fit this work in due tomorrow, or is the city trying to screw us with this charge...and I'll somehow turn it into an in depth discussion about why Popeye had three nephews, but never married Olive Oyl and had no siblings.
I do it every time. I can't help it.
I had a great time when I was a kid and I can always relate that time to any present situation. People seem to like drifting away on topics like that, too. It gets a smile.

That's probably going to be the basic theme of this blog...stupid things like that. I'll try to make sense, and since there's a spell check, it should at least all be spelled right. My actual hand writing has gotten worse since the invention of the computer, so this works out well. I can write in this journal and actually read my own writing. I just hope I can keep up the posting.

Thanks to Dave's blog at Chuck Central for inspiring to do a blog. He probably doesn't know that he inspired me, but he did. http://chuckcentral.blogspot.com/ I've known Dave a long time and he's one of the few people who can make me laugh hard..and that's before he's even entered the room. He's also made me laugh soft.

Now all this has been done, let's hope I can do another post.


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