Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gumby Moon Trilogy

My favorite Gumby episodes have always been the Moon Trilogy. So surreal and basic. The sounds..the voice delivery, etc.
Presented here is the trilogy in order. The first, "Moon Trip" is in black and white, probably because it came from an old 16 mm TV print.

Several things haunt me about these particular episodes. Gumby's complete desolation and loneliness on the moon is rather creepy for a child's show..especially from the 60's. It shows the effect that stop motion can achieve, when you're building scenes one frame at a time.
I love the Fleischer like cartoon concept that dad can reach to the moon via his fireman's ladder. He's suited up for the cold, but the lack of air doesn't effect him.
My favorite bit is when Gumby is snatched from the jaws of death via an Iron Lung (?!) and calmly, flatley states, "I was on the Moon mother".

Yea..we all were.


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