Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Blog Plugs

My other buddy, (I've got about 3-4) Paul, reminded me that he too has a blog.
Paul's funny. He's an embolism. He doesn't have one or had one...he is one. He sells his art too.
Hey, Paul...give me some art.

Here's a drawing of Bluto as a pirate:

Did'ya ever wonder why Popeye's "Bluto" was changed to "Brutus" ? Supposedly, Disney felt that the name Bluto sounded too much like Pluto, Mickey's dog, so they asked Paramount to change it. Even back then, (early 40's) Disney felt it had a copyright on every name and image under the sun.
Yea, people are so stupid they can't decipher a P from a B. Typical Disney crapology.

I'm not sure why my drawing has Bluto dressed as a pirate....or why he's pointing the flint lock pistol over his shoulder. Maybe it's a safety issue. He's chatting with some one, Wimpy or Geezil, and he doesn't want to accidentally blow their head off.
Apparently Bluto had a vision problem and Brutus had fairly good vision. Bluto is almost always drawn cross eyed.
My friend Cheryl asked "Why did'ya draw Bluto?"
"I dunno." I answered.
She laughed at me. Cheryl's an embolism too.

Hey, Paul...I"ll trade you the Bluto sketch for one of your's.


Blogger Monkeyman said...

Dude, I must have that Bluto sketch! I'll finish up a post-it scribble i have been noodling at on my desk this week and we shall trade! (I love the barter system, screw the stock market).

9:51 AM  
Blogger Riley said...

Go get it off'a my drawing board. I'm not in this week...working at home.

12:40 AM  
Blogger Monkeyman said...

cool, i'll leave my trade on your drawing board.

7:50 AM  

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