Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oh my Blogs!

I've never seen so many people writing on the internet. There's no doubt about the impact of the internet at this point in my mind. When the whole computer thing started, I thought it would push people farther apart...but apparently it's gotten people to communicate MORE. I've gotten jobs strictly via e-mails with some jpegs attatched. People actually "talk" more via the computer. Because of this, my typing skills have tripled and I have the strongest fingers and wrists in the western hemisphere. I can tear the roof offa' Honda Civic.

I've read other people's blogs (that's an attractive name, by the way) and some are writing their great american novel and others tell you what they had for lunch. Mine will be the standard, "standing by the water cooler and shootin' the shit" doubt. People will read mine and it will be disclosed to the world that I'm a 'tard. No expectations. Aaaah..we can relax now.

My buddy Dave sent me a pic of Bob Ross, that dead painter with the phat fro...the one on PBS. I'm gonna post the pic as soon as I figure out how to do that.

There's a few things about computers I still don't know how to do.


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