Sunday, May 28, 2006

2006 British Bike Burnup

My buddy Ralph had his annual British Bike Burnup this weekend. From miles around, British bike owners came to this rally to show their wheels and talk RPMs. They show up and park on the sidewalk outside Ralph's hip store, "the Hollywood 5 & Dime". The makes eligible for the show were Triumph, BSA, BMW, Norton, etc....vintage and new.
Penny was supposed to ride her Triumph up there, but she was too tied up with work. I went by myself and took some pics. (click 'em for larger images)

Lined up on the sidewalk out side Ralph's. The beer truck being there is what is called "synchronicity". Look it up.

Ralph's '69 Triumph

See ya next time....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Everything's Archie! least that's what I was told. Here's a nice big scan for the bubblegum fans. I saw this scan for The Groovie Goolies' debut LP over at BUBBLEGUM FINK, and decided to post this...without a water mark.

If anybody wants a premo PDF scan of this, let me know.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Do Not Adjust Your Blog

HyperDave over at DATAJUNKIE has lost his mind and has scanned every single original OUTER LIMITS gum card produced! The colors are juiced and vibrant!
ALL 50!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's a Boy's Life Pt5 more installment...from another Boy's Life...more Weird-Ohs!

Friday, May 12, 2006

It's a Boy's Life Pt4

In the issues of Boy's Life I found, I came across some hip ads for models n such.

Awesome! Roth Paints!! Check out the font on those cans! Save it...print it out...frame it!!

The classic Munsters AMT ad from 1966! Biggest scan on the internet!!

A Weird-Ohs ad from '66 or '64....Sling Rave Curvette holding the banner!

It's a Boy's Life Pt3

In an issue of Jack and Jill, I saw another great article...for DAKTARI-eeeee! I have only dim memeories of DAKTARI-eeee! It played on Sunday afternoons here in Dallas, and I've not seen it since it's first run syndication days.
I scanned just the pics from the article, but if anybody wants the whole article as a PDF, let me know.

Marshall Thompson rocked at everything he did!

IT! The Terror from Beyond Space...First Man Into Space...Flipper...Fiend Without a Face...Gunsmoke...etc!!

Writer, director, producer, and actor!!

It's a Boys Life Pt2

From the same stack of Jack and Jills came this great two page ad for Mattel's THINGMAKER!

(click, save, print, and frame for your office or local pool hall.)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's a Boy's Life Pt1

I went to Half Price Books the other day looking for yet another manual on Photoshop or Illustrator. I found what I wanted, and as usual, once I've done that...I go look at fun stuff. They have a section there called Vintage or Retro...something. It's where they keep the old magazines, stills (sometimes), TV Guides, etc. Anything over 20 years old is in there. I came across a pile of Boy's Life and Jack and Jill Magazines from the mid 60's. They had some great articles and ads in them. Premo stuff, really. I plan to share these pages with you guys in the next few installments and I plan to make them as large as possible (for Blogger) so you can print them out.
First up is an article from Jack and Jill (1968) for the "new" show from Hanna Barbera, The New Adventures of Huck Finn!

Jack and Jill article in PDF

(Click link..Click "wait in line & download"...Click OK in window...Click "download ready"

Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Blogday!

As of April 26, this blog was a year old! Doesn't seem that long ago really.
To celebrate, I'm posting a mix tape that I did around 1990. At that time, my nostalgia bug was running at maximum speed and I was having a hankerin' for the good 'ol days. This 90 minute (!) file has a piece of just about everything audibly that reminds me of growing up in Dallas in the 60's and 70's done in montage and music mix style. This was cut together on a simple cassette deck using video resources or actual LPs or 45s. (There were no free internet downloads at the time.) The sounds are a compressed audio injection of my childhood.

Joe's 60's n 70's Psychodelic Brain

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Super Blog

I've got some other crap up for sale on Ebay, and one item is an issue of Super Mag from 1982. Super Mag was kin'a like Bananas or Dynamite!
I'm not sure where I got it, but it's a pretty cool issue...if you're into the 80's video craze.
Here's a couple of pics not seen in the auction...(click for bigger images)
"No Nukes"?...yea, good luck with that.

Barbera Eden on a TRON game? Who would'a thunk?
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