Sunday, May 28, 2006

2006 British Bike Burnup

My buddy Ralph had his annual British Bike Burnup this weekend. From miles around, British bike owners came to this rally to show their wheels and talk RPMs. They show up and park on the sidewalk outside Ralph's hip store, "the Hollywood 5 & Dime". The makes eligible for the show were Triumph, BSA, BMW, Norton, etc....vintage and new.
Penny was supposed to ride her Triumph up there, but she was too tied up with work. I went by myself and took some pics. (click 'em for larger images)

Lined up on the sidewalk out side Ralph's. The beer truck being there is what is called "synchronicity". Look it up.

Ralph's '69 Triumph

See ya next time....


Blogger Ian said...

BMW? British?

2:11 AM  

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