Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's a Boy's Life Pt1

I went to Half Price Books the other day looking for yet another manual on Photoshop or Illustrator. I found what I wanted, and as usual, once I've done that...I go look at fun stuff. They have a section there called Vintage or Retro...something. It's where they keep the old magazines, stills (sometimes), TV Guides, etc. Anything over 20 years old is in there. I came across a pile of Boy's Life and Jack and Jill Magazines from the mid 60's. They had some great articles and ads in them. Premo stuff, really. I plan to share these pages with you guys in the next few installments and I plan to make them as large as possible (for Blogger) so you can print them out.
First up is an article from Jack and Jill (1968) for the "new" show from Hanna Barbera, The New Adventures of Huck Finn!

Jack and Jill article in PDF

(Click link..Click "wait in line & download"...Click OK in window...Click "download ready"


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That's swell.

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