Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Halloween season is apon us, but this year I'm taking a break from doing any mask work. Just one year, I'd like to go out and enjoy the atmosphere and not stumble around trying to peer out of a rubber mask. Last year was a goal I met, but this year..I need to just enjoy the season. I might dress up as something at the last minute, but no major suit up.
This season I am happy to say, I've turned out a mask from an old mold for a friend and idol, Ed French. Ed has done make up effects on everything from "Nightmare", "Sleepaway Camp", "Exterminator 2", "Breeders", in the 80's..to many of Swazenegger's films, the Batman films, Buffy TV series, Mad TV series, X-Files, Voyager, ..and many, many commercials. I was thrilled to work with him side by side back in '98 on a project for AMC channel. At that time, I had made a Tor Johnson mask for my Halloween costume and brought it to work to show Ed. Apparenlty he was so taken with it, that a few months ago, he asked me to make a copy for him this Halloween.

I'm happy with this version (I've made 10 or so from that mold) and was careful to make the skin tones as real and layered as possible. Ed knows skin color and if I screwed it up, he'd spot it.
To see Ed's work and his charming on screen presence, and to see his amazing technical expertise, I suggest you buy his high quality Bald Cap video that he sells on his site. If you've ever tried to do a bald cap on someone, you know it's really hard to make it look real. Ed's techniques are amazing. After watching the video, I did a bald cap using his techinques , and my cap looked flawless...thanks to his tutorial.
You can even buy his work....he sells his foam latex appliances on his site too!!


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