Monday, June 26, 2006

Penny's Run

I was looking over the groovy faux gum cards over at BUBBLEGUM FINK today. The Logun's Run set looks just like a real set of cards and I was wondering why they never made these. I was thinking how strange it was that a lot of that was shot here in Dallas, neighboring Fort Worth and Irving.

The Carousel entrance was the Great Hall at the Apparel Mart (from which I live about 10 minutes away).

Logan's apartment building was the Bruton Park Building on 35 Stemmons Frwy (about 15 minutes from me).

The classic scene at the Wave Power Inlet is of course at Fort Worth's Water Gardens (usually about 30 minutes from me).

While waxing nostalgic over that period, my wife Penny came from behind me, looked over my shoulder at the computer, and started telling her classic Logun's Run story in my ear.
"Oooh..Logun's Run!" she excitedly started. " Did I tell you the time when me, Pam (her sister) and Francine (their friend, who appears briefly in the Sex Pistol's film, "The Filth and the Fury" as the girl rubbing gravel in her hair), went to a cattle call for crowd scenes for Logun's Run?"
"Yes. You told me." I answer with no enthusiasm.
"We went to the old city hall in Dallas and lined up with a bunch of other people.." she continued, not hearing me apparently. "I remember it was warm and it was at night." She sits down at the desk to give the details.
"We were already accepted and were standing around,dressed in our tunics 'n all, waiting to be called for our group....they had them in groups. Normal looking people were for the extreme background....the beautiful people were up closer to the camera. We were waiting for the beautiful people to be called. We were cute 'n all."
I roll my eyes.
She continued, "We saw and talked to our friend Judy Jett (one of many girlfriends to Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music). She made it in the movie..she did a walk the Sanctuary scenes."
She continues, "Anyway...we stood around for hours...probably 4 hours, and we were thinking, 'This is gonna be a bad movie...this is boring."
I wince and shake my head slowly.
"We finally got tired and started walking away. Then the coordinator called after'hey..wait', right? I look at Pam and Francine and scream, 'RUN!!' and we all take off running."
I look at her for a second. " ran away?"
"Yea. We ran from city hall as fast as we could."
"After standing there for 4 hours?"
"...and you were wearing THEIR costumes?"
I look at her for a few more seconds. "Why?" I ask.
"'Cause I got the part...".
I give another blank stare.
"Who else can say they ran from Logun's Run?" she stated proudly. She walks off saying something about being a true "Logun's Runner"...or something. I watch her toddle off.
Penny herself is not sure why she and the others really ran. The only way I can logically comprehend these actions, is to relate them to Logun's theme in the film. The only problem is...he found an answer by running.

For more details about these locations check out
fan site.


Blogger Phillip said...

Great post! I've wondered exactly where those locations are. Maybe I'll go see'em next time I'm in TX. Check out my blog for scenes of movies shot in my hometown! (San Pedro,CA.)

5:04 AM  
Blogger Phillip said...

Here's a link:

This Pedro Thing

5:05 AM  
Blogger Major Tool said...

Why does fashion have to suck in the future?

1:20 PM  
Blogger Tohoscope said...

Heh, whenever we see the Fort Worth Water Gardens we always start shouting, "RUN RUNNER," and "RENEW!!!"

I love that stupid movie. I wonder if they'd consider releasing the Logan's Run TV show on DVD?

5:44 PM  
Blogger Jeff Pidgeon said...

The Water Gardens (among other locations) were also used in one of my favorite TV-movies, the '80s adaptation of "The Lathe Of Heaven".

"Logan's Run" was also notable for being one of the last of the "toga movies", where faux-Grecian robes were all the rage in futuristic fashion.

"Star Wars" and "Alien" came out soon after, and pretty much sunk that aesthetic for good.

10:17 AM  

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