Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do-It-Yourself Monsterblog!

I think these two have flipped their wigs...or bald caps! Max and Courtney have taken Dick Smith's classic tome...the ray of light for all monster maker kids of the 60's...the Warren Publication, "Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Hand Book"..and are in the process of doing each make up effect in the book.

Here's their version of the Martian...Great color!!

Dick Smith was responsible for several of cinema's most indelible make up effects over the past 50+ years. High on the list is Linda Blair's horrific (and still very realistic looking) possessed make up for "the Exorcist".
Back in 1965 he hooked up with Warren Publication (Famous Monsters of Filmland) to write a make up manual for kids. He couldn't have possibly known how he was going to change so many lives.
I bought my first copy back in 1981 through Fangoria magazine. The ONLY reason I didn't buy a copy in '65 was because I was only 1 year old and had NO money on me at the time!
The mail order company had original magazine copies from '65 in mint condition. I bought mine for $12...which I thought was pretty steep at the time...but no cost was too much for Dick's info. I noticed that later, the cost of the back issues went up to $30!!
Fortunately, it's been reprinted a few times in book form with color images.
After 21 years in the film business, I still refer to the book's basic info if I'm stumped on a project.

Check out the make ups Max & Courtney have already done:
The Mummy!!
The Werewolf!!
..of course the Martian!!
...and my all time favorite, The Weird-Oh!!

(thanks to Mr. Bali Hai for the tip!)


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