Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fort Worth "Trip"

Our buddy Eric had a great idea the other day..."Let's go see the "Modern
Illustrators of the 20th Century" exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum, guys! It'll be
cool...we'll take the Dart train and switch over to the Trinity Railway system all the way to Fort Worth! We'll cruise in style!" Eric has the museum info, the train schedule, and everything is timed out.

I thought, ok...I'd like to see some of these works in person. They might have some stuff by Leyendecker, Sundblom or Shoonover...hell, maybe some Erte! I've always wanted to see these styles of painting up see the techniques. This'll be relaxing.
Penny and I get to Eric's at ...

Saturday, 26th
Eric informs us we need to get to the Dart station quick because we need to catch the 3:52 Trinity Rail switch over at Union Station downtown. If we miss it, that's the last one out for the day. We haul buttocks through traffic and park. We head down the escalator to the platform...but with no actual tickets. We head back up the escalator to the ticket kiosk, buy tickets, then back down to the platform.

The Dart train is on are we...we load on and take off for Union Station
(downtown Dallas). We are enjoying the casual Eric promised.

(that's me.)

3:42: We arrive in Union Station on time, and immediately walk over and board the Trinity Rail. We stop for a second thinking this was too easy. We must be on the wrong train....with 10 minutes to spare? No. We're ok. It's the only one.

All the while we ride, Penny and Eric are looking at the changing colors of the trees. Eric knows the names of all flora. At one point Penny jabs a finger out the window
and asks.."What are that?"
No...she actually asks "What are that?"

(when Eric saw the above picture, he asked.."What's that weird 'S' shaped thing, ya'll". We said, "It's your freakin' skull!")

We hop off the Trinity in Fort Worth and start looking for a bus to downtown.
After a bit of intense discussion, we all agree that #7 to "University Museums", as stated on the route map, must be the one to take.

After waiting a while for the bus to show up, AND for it to actually leave the
station, we're on our way to the museum district. Eric reports the smell of pee where he's sitting, and for some reason he's looking at me.

The bus lady lets us off at a "non schedule stop" right in the middle of the
museum district, eventhough her bus is FOR THE MUSEUM DISTRICT. Gee, thanks for "doin' us a solid" bus lady!

We walk across the street to the Amon Carter Museum and up the steps. We pause to
look out over the Fort Worth skyline and congratulate ourselves on the long journey.

Penny grabs the door handle of the museum to find it's locked. The museum closes at 5Pm on Saturdays.
Someone actually turned the lights off at that moment.

After chasing Eric a couple of blocks, we stop at a Trinity Bus stop and catch our
breath. We decide to wait for a bus back to the Trinity train station. While we wait, we re-read the museum brochure that states the times of business.
Penny keeps stating over and over, "Take my picture as I lay down in the middle of
the road...c'mon."
We ignore her and Eric re-reads the museum brochure.

We're on the bus heading for downtown. I'm standing, as the bus is full. Penny and
Eric are pointing out the window, like kids, looking at the older buildings.

The bus stops and stays stopped for a few minutes. We can see police lights and
some action up ahead in a major intersection. The bus driver asks everybody,"If you're going downtown, you need to get off here. They've blocked the roads for the race."
Race? What race?
We get out and walk towards deep downtown, towards the popular Sundance Square. We see that the "race" is a "Jingle Bell Run" or something like that...a run for charity. The only way to our goal is along the same route.

After jogging a couple of blocks with the other runners, we decided to leave the pack and find someplace to eat in Sundance Square. On the way we passed the "Largest Christmas Tree in Texas". Eric wanted to see this as well and stated, " all turned out ok."

The tree was probably 40 feet high.

We keep walking and end up at a place called "8.0" I'm not sure what this in reference to, and I don't care. We go inside.

We've eaten and re-read the brochure thoroughly at this point. I had 12 Buffalo
Wings and Penny and Eric had cheese burgers. We're now walking west to the Trinity Railway station that's "somewhere in this direction" we tell ourselves. Eric and Penny don't know where it can be, but as we pass different streets, I keep telling them that there are Rail Road Crossing signs to our left. It seems the station is to our left.
At a major intersection, we turn left and see the old timey station.

I go into the station to look for a machine that might sell me some peanut M&Ms,
as Penny and Eric look at an antique rail car on display and re-read the museum brochure. Eric tells us that we have to get the 8:01 to Dallas 'cause it's the last one tonight.
"If'n we don't, we're screwed."

There's no train at the station. We cross over to the other side because, "If we're goin' to Dallas, we have to board the other side". I'd like to ask someone who works
here, when the hell the next train is, but I can't find anybody. We cross over the tracks.

When the train comes in, a "train lady" appears out of nowhere and yells at us,
"If you're going to Dallas, you need to be over here to board...BUT DON"T CROSS NOW!" the train roars passed us and to a stop. When we cross over, it takes a couple of minutes to get the info out of her that YES, this is the Trinity Train to downtown Dallas...leaving at 8:31.

We've been on the train for 35 minutes or so. It has gone west farther down the line, turned around and is now back, sitting, in the Fort Worth station. I look over at Eric who has his jacket over his head. I think he's secretly reading the museum brochure. Penny is nodding off too. With hardly anybody else on the train, I choose this time to pull a hefty booger from my nose and fling it to the carpet. Penny, who enjoys such visions, must have a built in silent alarm. She bolts up and stares at the offensive rope on the floor.
"My mouth's watering" she states through glazed eyes.
I push her head back, "Go to sleep".

We're in route to Dallas and I'm wondering several things. the train going slower TO Dallas, than it did LEAVING Dallas?
WHY...did I fling a booger onto the floor of this train? Penny having a dream about me...when I just flung a
booger to the floor?
WHY...did it take 7 hours to just go see a locked door?

The average drive to Fort Worth from Dallas is 25-30 minutes.


Blogger chuck said...

Reminds me of the time Lee and I went to the "Modern", near there, and the entire upstairs was closed (half of the museum). They charged us FULL PRICE. Fargin' bastages.

At least It didn't take us all day travelling though.

Audra heard that Big Ol' Xmas tree was blown down by wind this past weekend..

4:59 PM  
Blogger Riley said...

"Audra heard that Big Ol' Xmas tree was blown down by wind this past weekend.."

Bah haaaah haaaa!

12:21 PM  

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