Saturday, June 03, 2006

E.T. Phone Merchandising Rep.

I was digging through some old pictures (that's what we use to call pics, by the way..) and found this photo I took in a grocery store circa summer 1982.

If you look at the price tags, the store was a Skaggs Alpha Beta...which became Albertson's years later. A single bag of Reeses Pieces was 30 cents!!...a 1/2 pd bag was $1.29!!
I remember taking this pic because E. T. was so huge then...and I was already collecting many movie related items. (I was the first person I knew to display Star Wars figures on a shelf...just to look at.)
When I was walking out of the store, a manager came after me and asked why I was taking pictures and I told him..."cause it's E. T., man..." I think that confused him.
I think he thought I was an undercover health inspector or something.
I eventually got one of those T-shirts and had it in pristine condition until the mid 90's. I eventually gave it to a niece, because at that time, the 80's and it's images were a huge fad among the teenagers.


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