Monday, December 05, 2005


Recently I've been hitting the old model shelf and digging stuff out of storage. I hate stuff sitting around not getting done. I'm working on Stanely Mouse's Super Fuzz right now and should have that post up soon. In a past post Sept. 3rd, I mentioned that I'd show more pics of old kits that I've built for other people, so...for now, here's a Weird-Oh kit...Huey's Hut Rod...

I wish I had taken more pics.

While searching for paint stripping tips (for a future model I'll be working on...Mr. Gasser) and for more reference of Super Fuzz, I came across this guy's awesome site filled with his models. I don't know his name, but he's got some choice kits built and

Steve Austin...the Six Million Dollar Man! His work on this, makes me wanna go look one up on Ebay! What a great kit!! You can expose Steve's bionic arm and leg!!

His Aurora Jekyl and Hyde is particulary gruesome. Kewl.
Check out his site.

This guys' site has tons of models, as well...mostly cars...and the pics are top notch!

Check out Canney's Garage!


Blogger garett gulash said...

Howdy Riley,
I'm impressed with what you wrote here in your Plastik post. I gave up my search for cheap surf board information and wanted to hang out here on your blog - well done. I might make a blog like yours about cheap surf board, but I wouldn't try to compete with you. You're doing a great job Riley.
You got a great thing going... by friend.

7:35 AM  

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