Saturday, September 03, 2005

Model Citizen

Here are more of my Fink & Weird-Oh models. Most of these were done for someone else, or eventually just sold to someone. Most were done during the early 90's

Here's the original...Rat Fink. I sold this to somebody years ago. Click it to see a close up.

Mr. Gasser, built for some friend. I have an old, crappy slap dash version of this that I got off of Ebay, and some day I'll strip the kiddy paint job off and repaint and putty it.

This is one of my favorites from the Weird-Ohs line...Digger, the Way Out Dragster. Built for someone. Notice the custom "Weird-Ohs" logo painted on the helmet. I love that font on the sign..."Dragsville"! I might have an unbuilt version in storage.

Daddy! My all time favorite from the Weird-Ohs line! I've built this one, for others, at least 3-4 times. Notice the martini hood ornament. In the original kit, this was solid gray plastic. I would recast the part in clear resin and even drop a tiny olive (made from putty) in there before the resin cured. I have a copy of this for's still in the box, in storage, waiting to be built.

I'll post more pics of other models at some point.


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