Wednesday, November 16, 2005've done it again, myeh heh!

My buddy Bob sent me this link about Bob McIntosh, one of the great designers from the "hip" mid fifties animation art movement...which is over at...CARTOON MODERN...which led me to this expsensive joint...The DEEP ARCHIVES..which led me to think about what I want for Christmas...Heh heh (rubs hands together)!
Oh yea....original Tom Slick cel with background...

..."Naw, honey...we don't need a new dish washer..this is orginal Jay Ward!!"
...or how about an orginal Groovy Goolies cel...

"We'll eat baloney's art! Food can't compare!!"
How about an original Frito Bandito cel?

"It's about food, honey!! Sort of..."
...oh...and there's one of my 60's Gods...

..Frankenstein Jr!

Actually, I wouldn't buy the actual production (or numbered repo) cels. The real art is in the layout sketches and pencils for the cels. They were drawn by the artists. I've painted cels for animation and ANYBODY can paint cels.
Thanks've cost me money..again!!


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