Saturday, October 15, 2005

Count Stockula!

Paper stock...that is. Yes this is a post both relating to, or ragging about, MORE paper craft stuff (thought I was off that kick, didn't you?) and the fact that cereals don't have cool crap in them anymore. honor of Halloween (my absolute favorite time of the year...duh.), I'm posting a vintage Count Chocula paper mask that you can print out on card stock, cut out, and wear around your office or bedroom.
This was on the back of Count Chocula cereal during the mid 70's and only shows that the cereal companies knew what we wanted. Kids loved putting on masks and pretending.

(Click on the image)
Follow the instructions. Remember to use rounded scissors and not to cut yourself. You might ask your mom to help sure to share it with your brother or sister.


Blogger Fred Schiller said...


The writing on it claims that it's supposed to be a 'great disguise' but the lady down at the 7-11 knew if was me right away. I had to put back all the candy and BenGay and now I'm banned for life from entering the store--again! Thanks for nothing.

3:41 PM  

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