Friday, September 30, 2005

Mystery Solved

If you're like me...and God help you if that's so...then you have some really old, faint memories from childhood that are so dim and distant, you're not too sure if they were real things or not.
Many of my fondest memories as a kid were from those first moments of each day...the mornings. Weekday mornings was cereal and watching the 3 Stooges on local Ch 11. Most of the time they'd show a bunch of cartoons along with at least two Stooges shorts. These cartoons could be of anything from, George of the Jungle, Super Chicken, to the Mighty Heroes, Bat Fink, Tennessee Tuxedo, or Tom of T.H.U.M.B.
If that line up wasn't great enough, in your cereal you almost always got some AMAZING toy to fiddle with in school later on. If your about my age, then you realize that being a kid during the 50's to the late 70's was a great time for cereal premiums. Companies were hittin' that kid audience hard with anything plastic and everything cool.
I came across a site that, not only has those distant memories pictured...they have some of those forgotten, swept up, and vacuumed up treasures FOR SALE!!
The guy pictured below, was to me, one of those distant faint memories. It was as if I dreamed him up, because of all my years of poking around in thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops...I never came across this guy.

Once I saw this pic, I instantly some weird flash in my head.. putting together what I thought, at the time was, the COOLEST cereal toy ever!! I thought it was so cool, that over the years, I thought I made it up...but look at it!! It's a freakin' action figure, from a cereal box...of a SKELETON!! How cool is that!? He's about 1 and a half inches tall, and fully poseable!! Mine was blue, actually. I also remember getting his pal...

...a robot action figure. In cereal! It boggles the mind today. What do kids get today in cereal? A coupon for more cereal....a offer for a mail way premium that costs money?!
These treasures came IN THE BOX and sometimes were better than what you could get at the 5 & dime!
The site is called CRATER CRITTERS, named after the more famous series of premiums produced by the Rosenhain & Lipmann favorite being pictured below...

...Bugsy Backbone!
I also had some of the Tooly Birds...

...and a couple of the Daffy Dawgs..

Check out the might solve some mysteries of your own.


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