Thursday, September 29, 2005

Overheard In New York

My buddy Bob sent me this hysterical link for a site called Overheard In New York. I 'pert near pee pee'd myself while reading these great snippets of real conversations that were overheard in public. If you check it out, be'll be reading these for hours with sick fascination.
Some examples:

Mother: When I'm so old that I think it's okay to wear a fanny pack, please just set me on fire and walk away.
Chick: Okay.

--Brooklyn Heights Promenade

NYU Girl #1: Oh my god! I was so drunk this weekend, and now my legs are covered in bruises. They look terrible, you have no idea. I don't even know how I got them.
NYU Girl #2: Ha, ha! I love when that happens. I love drunk bruises.

--NYU Elevator

Kid #1: Paper beats rock. BAM! Your rock is blowed up!
Kid #2: "Bam" doesn't blow up, "bam" makes it spicy. Now I got a SPICY ROCK! You can't defeat that!

--#6 train can't beat a Spicy Rock. NOTHING can!


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