Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ultimate Hawaiian Shirt

I went thrift store hopping last night (lookin' for jeans for Mitch) and came across this ultimate find.
Look at it close...

It's the Hawaiian Punch guy, "Punchy"...from the 70's! I'm not sure if the commercials still run or not, but this seems to be a new shirt. So it's not vintage. The tag seems to indicate that this is some kind of premium from the present owners, Dr. Pepper/7 Up.
The company aquired the character in '99, from what I understand, and are trying to revive it for nostalgic reasons...and merchandise resons.

A lot of people don't remember much about the commercial, except he always asked the bigger guy in the spot, "Hey, how would you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?"..and then he clobbers him, making Punchy look like a violent punk. The original spot...and I remember this..shows the bigger guy beat Punchy into the ground first..THEN Punchy asked the classic line.

I admit, I geeked out on the image when I saw it. Dr.Pepper/7 Up are right to merchandise him...he brings back memories.
The thrift store tag said $4.95 and had been marked down to $2.95. It was half off night for certain items, and you guessed it..I got that kitchy mutha for $1.50!
Perfect fit.


Blogger todd boschee said...

got same shirt at yard sale for .25 cents

7:35 PM  

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