Sunday, October 29, 2006


Finally, they've released the Filmation's Saturday Morning "cringe master" of a TV show, Groovie Goolies on DVD. All the other self respecting blogs have written about it, I will at least make a note for Halloween's sake.
As a kid, the look of the show had me sketching and copying every line, trying to simulate their amazing design sense. I had the coloring book, and would often trace the images and hang them up in my room.
A while back I did some faux animation cels, for friends and to just hang are the rough pencils for those cels:

Apparently, these were also the color guides...the tighter original pencils must have been sold long ago right along with the cels.
I drew these by using freeze frames from a bootleg VHS, by the way.

For more in-depth info about this great series, check out this entry..


Blogger Nevik said...

I had the coloring book as well! :D Great cartoon!

6:16 PM  

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