Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Creature from the Blog Lagoon

I won this Aurora Creature from the Black Lagoon kit on Ebay and whipped it out real quick between other projects. It didn't have a base, so the guy gave it to me cheap. I don't particularly like the Aurora base any way. It was the metal flake green plastic, so I assumed it was a recent run.
I started by checking and reglueing some seams...then the putty came out. I use Magic Sculp for most of my modeling. I use it for prototypes too.
One of his finger nails was gone, so I had to reconstruct that out of putty as well.
I've always wanted to resculpt the face, as I thought that it was ok...but not real close.
I changed up the brow...which was shallow...and built out the cheeck bones & filled out the cranium and gills.
The upper lip needed to be filled out, his chin strengthend, and the teeth filed down as well. (Teeth?)
After all the puttied seams and everything were set, I hit it with a black primer...
then an airbrushed moss green base coat...
then dry brushed a slightly lighter shade for the highlights.

For the shadows, I ran a thin wash of flat black under the edges and folds. A water color type wash will dry light and have a faded effect. I accented the gills and fins with a brick red for contrast.
According to Ben Chapman, who wore the suit on land, the creature suit was a sea, or moss green and fairly simple in color. The red lips that are shown in paintings and images from the movie were done for publicity reasons.
The base is just a wooden plaque, built up with "paper clay" and painted with acrylics. The wet look an the ground is the same product by Krylon that I used on Super Fuzz...Krylon Triple Thick Gloss. To make his skin look moist, I spattered it lightly with a gloss spray, leaving some areas flat. Ok....back to cars.


Blogger spacesick said...

Oh, man. Righteous work! Do you have a "before" picture laying around for comparison?

I wish I had the skill for something like this. As a kid, whenever I bought a model kit, I just took everything out of the box and kind of admired it for awhile. I was already in love with the "Mint In Box" idea. I don't know if any exciting models were made in the late 80's, but I'll check my attic and see what I have up there.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Riley said...

My wife told me to take a before pic, but I didn't. It was pretty much that metal flake green with a thin coat of basic Testor's green painted on the upper half of the body.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Virginia Valle said...

Creature from the Blog Lagoon is really GREAT,AMAZING WORK :)

5:23 AM  

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