Thursday, May 05, 2005

Seen Hag?

What the hell happened to the Sea Hag from the Popeye cartoons? I've not seen her episodes on any of the DVD compilations or any channels like Cartoon Network or Boomerang.

These were the only cartoons from that 40's-50's period that had any surreal imagination to them. She always toted Alice the Goon around with her..and that vulture..and was always trying to get Popeye's spinach or that little monkey/puppy/baby thing, Jeep.
Some of the freakiest Popeye cartoons, after the Fleischer era of course, were the Sea Hag episodes. She kidnaps Santa and tries to burn his toys in one episode! Brutal! She steals all of Popeye's spinach, in one of the all time classics, and burns it in the boiler of his ship. (Apperantly she was a pyromaniac.) The only way Popeye can defeat her, is to shimmy up the exhaust pipe to the furnace, wrap his lips around the whole thing, then take a big fatty drag off of it. He inhales the smoke to get stronger!!
Popeye collectors blame that one short for helping Sea Hag dissapear from veiw, as I'm sure over protective 1970's parents saw something even more in that action and demanded her gone.
These cartoons were just 16mmm prints in the old days of TV so there's bound to be copies of the Sea Hag adventures out there..somewhere. If you happen to see hag, let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment.

I seem to be on some Popeye kick with this blog. Sorry.

Hey, for breakfast this morning, I ate 3 White Castle burgers and a left over peice of greasy Captain D's fish. How do I keep this girlish figure?


Blogger chuck said...

I love the later Popeye's. Remember the schtick with the disembodied glove that occasionally reaches in his window and taps him while he's watching TV or listening to the Radio, and levitates him away. Always right after he says something like, "i just loves that Jazzgy Musgick".

1:15 PM  
Blogger chuck said...

I like em' all actually....

1:27 PM  
Blogger Riley said...

Yea..what was that hand? Was that from some time machine or something that a scientist did to him over and over? It seems it happened more than it took him to different time periods or something.

2:20 PM  

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