Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Invasion of the Paper Craft's Bride

I was diggin' through some stuff...tryin' to clean out more crap for my Spring Cleanin' Sales...y'know...and I came across this photocopy from the back of a Cap'n Crunch cereal box.

This is Wilma's Traveling Tub...Where would she be going? She's a white wale!
Wilma represented the Cap'n Crunch's Vanilly Crunch flavor cereal. I'm not sure when this character was promoted, but the "slutty" look was replaced with simpler female facial features later.

I don't know...I kinda' like the slutty look.

Anyway...click, save and print out on card stock to build.


Blogger Major Tool said...

I banged my share of whales. Not all of them were white... though some turned pale from loss of blood, oops, I don't wanta' get all tattly tale on my ass! The MAN might read this faggity blog.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Riley said...

Hey...hey...keep the comments within this world, Pancho. I can make you disappear if you can't come across any friendlier than this.
the Managment

9:24 AM  

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