Friday, April 07, 2006

Sounds Like Godzilla

I'm experimenting with the process of burning my LPs and cassettes to MP3s now. I picked Ben T's brain a while back in hopes of shedding some light on the grey areas of this process, and I have to say, he helped a lot. I had Nero 5 all the time and that could handle what I wanted to do. I also read a simple tutorial on line that explained in detail the process of editing your waves.
For my first try, I copied a couple of cassettes I've had since 1990. Both were Toho Sound Effects LPs (Sound Effect of Godzilla) that someone had copied for me to tape. The first one is mostly Godzilla, Minya, other Monsters and other related sound effects...the second one is all the really cool monsters...Ghidorah, the Gargantuas, Gabora, etc. It too has related sounds like, spaceships, ray beams, etc.
The timing was right, because someone at Content sent me a suggestion/advert about uploading files for free. I thought this would be a good way to share these unique LPs, that I haven't seen, as of yet, posted anywhere.
For Volume One, go HERE. Volume Two, the first part of the second album, is HERE...and Volume Three, the second part of the second LP is HERE. Content Type is sort of like Rapidshare where you have a limited download per it'll take a couple of visits. Sorry. In the future, I'll try to condense the tracks into one file...if possible. When you click the links, click where it says "wait in line..", then a prompt will come up saying it's ready and "please visit our sponsers", etc. Click OK...Click "Download ready", and save it to your computer.
For a full listing of the tracks, go here.
Take these and use them as you sound mixes, home movies, etc., and let me know how it works. As I said before, this is an experiment.


Blogger Major Tool said...

Just like you fine sir, I also enjoy listening to monster sound effects while I beat my Filipino cleaning lady with a tube sock filled with D cells.

It's a monster mash!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Oh la la! I had and sold these albums years back & have regretted it ever since. Thank you sir!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Phillip said...


3:54 AM  
Blogger James said...

Hello there. I dont suppose you'd be able to upload both albums for "Sound Effect of Godzilla" onto some place like rapidshare please. The links to content-type are dead. Thanks

11:49 AM  
Blogger isfahani said...

Hello! I'd like to second that request. Thanks!

5:27 AM  

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