Friday, March 31, 2006

American International Pictures

One of my all time favorite movie studios was AIP formed in the 50's. During the days of big studios trying to catch up with the newly arrived TV craze, AIP was aiming their pictures at the teenage drive-in set. AIP aimed their focus perfectly at the restless, hormonal charged teens who were getting out of the house and looking for something TV couldn't offer. Most of their more famous titles have "teenage" in them (i.e. Teenage Frankenstein, Teenage Werewolf, Teenage Caveman, etc.) or have the teenagers trying to foil some creature from space or thrawrting some villain.

(..some kind of double date, apparently...)

(Teenage Frankenstein getting a lift to school from dad. How embarrassing for him.)

(Michael Landon far from the "Little House")

The picture's sole strength, sometimes, relied on the ad campaign and ad art. Most of time, the title and art were made before a script was even written.

This site has collected a complete listing (for sale) of AIP's diverse and culturally iconic pictures from it's inception as ARC in 1954 to the almost forgotten titles of 1980.


Blogger chuck said...

I especially enjoyed "I was a teenage vegetable".
Like "Tybo" the carrot monster, in that episode of Lost in Space were he turns Dr. Smith into a plant".

8:48 AM  
Blogger Major Tool said...

My favorite was The Amazing Colossal Man. When I saw Glenn Langan up on the silver screen, I wanted to climb up his urethra and sit in his left nad like it was my personal hot-tub. Bubblin' man goo....mmmmm.

11:24 AM  

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