Monday, September 26, 2005

Flash Backs...again.

I went looking at old Halloween costumes at the RETROCRUSH site, and came across this one.
'The artwork and mask "rang" a bell with me. As usual, a graphic image pops up from the almost 40 years of mental pictures. I don't remember "Ring" the gorilla at the Barnum Circus, but I do remember my parents taking me to the circus. I'm wondering why my parents bought this for me to wear. I'm assuming, because I was so in love with the animated King Kong, that showed on local Ch.11 in the mornings, that my parents...out of despiration..bought me this costume which looked like Kong. I probably couldn't read...or thought "Ring" was "King"...I was happy no matter what, 'cause the memory is a cool one. The stylization appealed to me, as I'm sure, did the over all ape motif. My generation wasn't the STAR WARS kids..we were the Planet of the Apes kids and for some reason in the laste 60's all through the 70's..until Star Wars..ape, monkeys, and gorillas were everywhere.
A few years later I came as another hero...

Somewhere I've got a pic of me wearing the mask, with my parents in the background dressed as, either, indians or hippies...I can't tell. I'll post that at some point.
I would have loved to gone trick or treating in this other hero from that era..

...Batfink!...or this one...

....a deadly Sleestak! I totally would have been hissing and crouching my ass off for some candy, sportin' that get up.


Blogger chuck said...

Do you ever wonder if some of the painters or colorists for these things, never even saw the show. (I thought Sleestaks were lizard green).
Reminds me of a ceramic stein/mug that my aunt bought for my religious mom. (In the 70's) It had a sculpted face on the front painted with a dark brown/black hair and a beard. She assumed it was Jesus. In small engraved letters on the bottom it said "may the force be with you".
It was supposed Obi Wan.

8:21 AM  

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