Thursday, September 15, 2005

Scissors Beat Paper

When I was a kid, I was fascinated with anything creative. So when my mom bought me a paper craft book of Disney scenes, I pretty much lost my mind. It was amazing to me that you could open a booklet, punch out the different pieces, fold, place tab A into slot B, and you'd basically have a new toy! Viola!
At the same time, it seems....kid's cereals had many paper items on their boxes for us cut n paste nuts to make a mess with. I'm positive that Cap'n Crunch had a model of the ship, the Guppy, on one of it's boxes...but I haven't been able to track it down.
There was plenty of topics for paper creativity...
Quisp had a few offers in this dept., and who was I to refuse a cereal sponsered by an alien!!? (I always thought that was pure genius on marketing's part!)
Mighty Mouse action toys! It was great to be a kid then!!

One of my favorite sources of freebies was, ironically enough, the Fritos chips boxed sets of mini bags. Not only could you get a Frito Bandito...

...and W C Frito erasers...

...but, there was also the Muncha Bunch paper figures....

I'm sure I cut these out and set them on my desk at school.
(I'm some point I'll post a pic of my Muncha Bunch eraser, since that is one of the hardest to find.)
I'm hoping to find the time to bring the above image into Photoshop, re trace it and make another, more clearer, cut out standee. I'll post it in the future, so you can print it out and put it on your desk.

This brings us up to today,
Little did I know that my generation grew up and just couldn't stop making paper models. When I was looking for reference for a Dodge Monaco, I came across a paper model of the Blues Brothers police to down load and build!!

Whoa!! Things have changed in this area...and are pretty effin' cool!!
After that, I stumbled onto a whole world of Paper Craft sites and links. Most had FREE downloads of awesome models, instructions, and building tips. A lot of these sites, especially one of my favorites, is an all Asian language site. That makes it hard to understand, but most of the time the models have picture instructions to bridge that language gap.
I think it's amazing that you can scan the internet, choose a page, download some info, print it out, and have a 3 dimensional figure on your desk! This is what computers were for!!

Let's hit them links!

My main link source!! Amazing!! Go to the left of the screen and check the listing for a topic. I always check new and am never dissapointed. Hundreds of pages of links!!Robots are a favorite subject for me.
MAZINGA Z baby!! Yeah!! What a great robot model! Can't have robots without R2-D2.

Here's the robot from LOST IN SPACE as a freebie from me (which I lifted from someplace). Click on it, print it out, color it if you like (or take it into Photoshop and color it), and build it. How about a Gigantor Model..TETSUJIN 28 in Japan.
I love cars, so check these awesome Volks Wagon and Citroen models! For the Mini Cooper fans...just poke around in here and you'll find both Coopers and Messerschumitts of many colors! Well worth looking.I love motorcycle models as well. Check out the INSANE paper craft cycles on Yamaha's Japanese site!
Holy crap, it'sTrilobytes!! Monsters! Gotta have some MONSTERS! On that note...The greatest Halloween paper crafts are located at Ravensblight! Mini coffins, hearses, skeleton marionettes, a great axe welding's all there!!
Superb animal models...but you have to join.
This site has a buncha nice free models...including SPACE 1999 props! Yeah!!
Killer X-Wing and Millenium Falcom models!
Another great X Wing fighter and Tie Fighter model!
Guitars!! How about the Aqua Team Hunger Force?

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. I suggest you go out and poke around the internet using the key words, " paper craft...card craft...card model..paper model" and see what you can find.
When building these, I usually print them out on card stock, cut with new X-actos blades, and glue with tape and Elmer's glue (on a toothpick). You can score the folded sections with the back of the X-acto blade.

Have fun.


Blogger chuck said...

Man, Cool. That reminds me of some of the old cut-out records (heavy paper with laminated plastic grooves). I recall the neighbor kid trying to cut one out of a full box of Sugar Smacks. He cut right through the box and the wax bag inside. That shit went everywhere.
Another cardboard record that my brother and I had as teens, was one out of "Velvet" magazine (porn), that featured girls moaning and groaning. The slightly warped record played at hilariously undualting speeds, sounding more like a haunted house. Ghost bimbos, Lol.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Riley said...

Yea..the many quality recordings you could get from the back of cereal were from the Monkees, the Archies, the Banana Splits...and I think the Partridge Family...I might be wrong, though.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Crafty Jacqui said...

Hi there, I am out searching for info on and found your site. I'm a fan of all crafts including and enjoyed your post. Good job.

11:10 PM  

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