Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Halloween's Coming!!

I can't wait for my favorite holiday...Halloween. I'm already working on my costume and it's the peak of summer (90-98f at night!!) If you know know that's ME.
I went poking around and found this kick ass blog that you must see!!
He runs great images of Halloween's past,like these:

I would'a killed for that costume! I was an Evil Knievel freak as a kid!!

"Moon Man"...that's GREAT!

Check out Keith's blog and start sizing up pumpkins!


Blogger chuck said...

That IS a kick-ass halloween Blog!
Reminds me of a couple pix from the 60's/70's of my brother as the ever popular "Pirate" (doo-rag and eye-patch) and me as (supposedly) a seven year old Hobo or Bum. Fake shaded in stubble and a big rubber cigar, for some reason. Should have had held a cardboard sign saying "homeless, trick or treat, god bless".

1:46 PM  

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