Sunday, May 08, 2005

True Jackass

What the hell has happened to programming on MTV? Is there any music on this channel? It IS called MTV...Music Television. Holy shit..what a load of crap they heap on every hour of every day!
Jackass was their one ray of originality (after Beavis and Butthead and the Tom Green Show) and the only reason I would watch that turd channel.
The nucleus of the Jackass show was gems like, the Big Brother skate videos and Camp Kill Yourself skate videos done in the early 90s. Spike Jonze saw an obvious chance to make a different kind of show and brought these guys together. The low brow suicidal stunts and skate mentality, which go hand in hand anyway, made for a fresh and laid back irreverent nose-thumbing gesture at society. The show was a huge hit and kids were going out and jumping off of houses before you could say "Parental Advisory".
So, after everybody on the show got fat and happy and probably coped some attitude, they went their separate ways again. Knoxville went to the movies...Steve-O and his group went back to eating glass and keeping up his standards of insanity, but Bam Magera and his camera mugging fart knockers kept floggin that dead horse.
HOLY SHIT...what a piece of fecal matter that show Viva La Bam is!! Hey guys, let's annoy my parents and the stupid fat uncle for our TV show. It'll be great. We'll spill stuff on them, and generally upset their lives.
...except the punch isn't there anymore because they all live in some freakin' mini-mansion that Bam bought for them, and apparently the parents quit their jobs cause Bam is footin' the bill on everything...and they can't go out to do any "cool" stunts now because people recognize them and probably want to get in on the stunts as well...I mean...what a waste of time...and dignity!

Bam's mom is walking around with her mouth open aghast at the apparent damage Bam and his grinnig ass kiss/followers have wrought, but the watcher at home is saying, hell..Bam or MTV is just going to buy you another this or that...or MTV is going to get some poor underpaid worker to clean up the prob. All the while those narcissistic camera hogs laugh about how what a great show this is.

One word of advice guys, you better invest your $$ in something, beside the ridiculous "bling" you wear around your necks...your fifteen minutes of fame were over a couple of years ago.


Blogger BamLov3r8 said...

Wow! SOme People are so IGNORENT!? your stupid. I Love BAm but thats not the only reason im defending him and his show. The show might have captured him doing stupid stuff but im sure he's not really like that. Don't you know its a TV Fuckin show??

5:30 PM  

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