Saturday, May 07, 2005

Get Up Offa' the Meat Loaf of the Gods

Penny, my betrothed, made the most insane Meat Loaf the other day. It was THE BEST meat loaf I've ever eaten. Period. (Sorry Mom, but I's got's to slap ya.) This was perfection bathed in tomato paste. I ate every slice I was given, and even ate the left overs without her. You gotta love a women that can work on cars, motorcycles, put up dry wall, install water heaters and sink disposals...AND can cook a meat loaf that makes Julia Child cry in her grave.
(It's true..Julia Child's skeleton is cryin')

I was taking my 7 year old son, Mitch, to Burger King today. We got in the truck, I cranked it up,and instantly remembered that I had left a funk mix CD in the CD player. A James Brown track was just starting, "Get Up Offa' That Thing", the one with the classic opening...the squeal..y'know...(Yeeaaooooow!)...and the volume was close to max. I jumped, my son jumped, and with a bug eyed expression he stared at the player and said very factually , "That man went crazy!". After a couple of minutes he then said, "Hey..that's from the movie, 'Robots'", and was apparently fine with the crazy man 'cause he had good taste in movies.

When we were getting gas, Mitch flatly told me that he was allergic to bad breath. I wasn't sure if I heard him right.
"Bad Bread?" I asked as I opened the door and stopped.
"No..bad breath. It makes me sneeze."
I wished I sneezed everytime somebody opened their toilet mouth in front of me...I'd spray people from here to Phoenix.

The Burger King kid's meal had a Baseman designed game (Cadoo) with a figure pen. If you like Baseman, you gotta see these things. They're perty cool.
Baseman Spooks Me!

After Burger King, we went looking for a tiny frame for the kick buttocks drawing Paul Allen did for me as a trade for the Bluto sketch.
Check it....

While in line at Michael's, Mitch brought up different types of candy to show me. I guess he was hoping I'd break down from the pressure and tear at my clothes screaming, " God I've been wrong all these 7 years....Eat as much candy as possible!! I've been a fool!" Didn't happen.
At the end there, he came up with a breath freshener thing...Crystal Ice...?...or something...which sounds like the new street name for some drug. He was wanting those things as well.

Another breath reference. Maybe he's trying to tell me something?


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