Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I got this great t-shirt I bought years ago of one of my musical faves...Esqurita. It's like...hot pink on black and it kicks ass.

Eskew Reeder Jr. was born in Greenville, South Carolina and was a contemerary with Little Richard. Reeder was doing the pomp hair and lipstick thing for a few years before Richard, and even had a gag where he would tear his sleeves off during a show. He got to a point where he had snaps installed in the shoulders as to save on wardrobe. Richard gets a lot of credit for his stage gimmicks, but history will tell that Reeder was there first.
Reeder was doing his bit in Greenville when Gene Vincent's guitar player, Paul Peek, came across him.
Norton Records has the shit, so visit them:



Blogger chuck said...

Holy Shit, I really thought Little Richard was more of an original, crazy! Love the blurring of his proper name, but if you were named "Eskew" what would you do? Beats "Eschew" I guess. And "S.Q." might be a hip variant.

The Norton Records site is cool indeed.

6:26 AM  

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