Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blog Flog

My buddy Bob read the blog about the other blogs I started and had a take on what those blogs and what the content of the said blogs would be like:

"Digging the blog brother. Here's my take on 'em.

Pimp Castle – You’ve been there, it’s in Oak Cliff.
Loose Fitting Boxers – Aaaaaaaawwwww yeah!
Michael Medved is a Leech – Owes me seven dollars too. Punk.
BBQin' with Lou Reed – Colored girls say: doot d doot pass me a rib.
Getting a Grip on Masturbation – Got it.
Elvis is Not Dead (He Installs Cable) – I ain’t left the building main, I’m going out to tha truck for mah crimpers. Dang.
Popular British Foods (A Summary) – Spotted dick.
Gary Coleman Lives in My Sock Drawer – Humping my gold toes. Whatchoo tom bout?
Genie Pants Full of Rainbows – Can’t touch this.
Hanging On To Loose Skin-Kharma Sutra For the Elderly – Tom bout: Popped a viagra, Granny Clampett ain’t going nowhere, better squeeze me off a wrinkle bitch.

I've got nothing....anymore."

You're tellin' me. PaaHaaaah!


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