Friday, August 17, 2007

Blow Me Down!.."The Dragon Lives Again!"

I thought this was a myth. I heard about this film back in my early days of Kung Fu fanaticism in mags like Martial Arts Movie Associates.
Apparently someone with no sense actually released "the Dragon Lives Again" (1976) on DVD and what I thought was tall talk, is true. Bruce goes to hell and it seems that the he is facing a possible coup by a variety of ‘60s and ‘70s pop culture icons who want to take over The Underworld. This gang includes James Bond (a bushy haired white guy in a cheap tuxedo), Clint Eastwood (a Chinese guy with a beard, wearing the poncho costume from the Leone westerns), the Exorcist (another Chinese guy, wearing a black Nehru jacket), Zaitoichi the Blind Swordsman (who simulates his ocular disability by fluttering his eyelids) and Emmanuelle (the happy hedonist of French soft-core porn). There is also a Chinese Dracula, who seems to have overcome his Transylvanian counterpart's aversion to sunlight.
Bruce Lee, however, recruits his own gang of good-guys to fight this evil band. Part of the heroic team is the fabled One-Armed Boxer (whom Bruce casually refers to as "One-Armed") and Popeye the Sailor. Yes, Popeye the Sailor is least in the form of a Chinese guy with a shaved head, a large corncob pipe and the Popeye costume.
See the truth and gawk in amazment...

What's with the hat?


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