Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scuz Fink

I just finished this model. It's a reissue of Big Daddy Roth's Scuz Fink, originally released in '64 (I think.)
Back when this was released, Revell and Roth had a whole big promotional contest for it. If you could name the new Roth monster, you'd win $$ and you can have Roth stay with you for a week (or something like that). Some little girl won the contest by picking the name Scuz Fink!
I bought this kit directly from Roth's wife, Ilene, back at the Rat Fink Reunion a couple of months ago. I customized the flag with an art jobby done in Photoshop and replaced the original plastic pole with an 8th" dowel.
This is one of the crazier kits from Roth/Revell and doesn't even have a car in the motif! It and Super Fink (I'll post picks of that one too.) were impossible to find for almost 40 years and only bootleg copies in resin exist...for a pretty penny.

Click images for a cloooooser look.


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