Saturday, July 16, 2005

Laughing and Pointing

I'm so laughing at Penny. She hasn't even touched her blog since she made it. So I'm taking this opportunity to laugh at her.
I'm laughing...and now I'm pointing...

The picture above is something she took, and it represents her perfectly.
I married her last weekend...did I tell you? Don't get your feelings hurt if you weren't was just me, her, and Pastor Dave Hoh (yes...that's right) in his victorian house on Galveston Island.

...and I keep looking at the pic and asking myself, "what was I thinking?".


Blogger chuck said...

(to the tune of a phat rap, or any type of rap)

evah-body on the flo,
even you dave hoh,
single ain't Joe,
Penny, write mo,
is fish eggs roe?
see my front tooth glow
larry curly moe,

4:41 PM  

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