Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paper Obsession

I'm glad I'm not the only one scouting for cool paper craft stuff and linking to it. (that would be creepy) Check out Matt Hawkins kewl stuff here...and here.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Earth VS the Paper Robots 3

More robots..more paper crafts...more time wasting...let's get it on!
Robot on a Bike
Daleks! (and their instructions)
Martian War Machine!
Deathborg Omega!
This is a repost of an older post, of sorts...whatever, it's MAZINGAAHH!
Mmmmm..not sure, but they look cool!Get'em!
HRP 2 01
Awesome stuff from HEDKASE!
Destroy-a-Tron and Robot from Lou Lou Illustrations!
Ready Mech again.
SF Paper Craft Gallery! Amazing!
Pino and Ifbot..and others.
ROBOTS....the movie!
Mad Cat Mech
Desmond...the Nerfect Robot!

That outta' be enough to keep you busy for a while.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Earth VS the Paper Robots part 2

Woo hoo! I found this link HERE on someone's site. I had found this link almost 2 years ago, but lost it moving from computer to computer.! Many cool paper robots!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Earth VS the Paper Robots

As in these past've linked you to some of the coolest paper craft on the web. Go here..HERE..and download amazing robot pdfs!

New GR robot..GIANT ROBO GR8!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Drive In Movie Food

I eat pretty good these days. I'm fed well. Like, healthy food, not junk..or over eating.
One thing I miss is that crappy Drive In movie food. Man, I miss that junk...back when our bodies could process that garbage.
And boy, they were proud of it. They made tons of commercials and everything.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Blow Me Down!.."The Dragon Lives Again!"

I thought this was a myth. I heard about this film back in my early days of Kung Fu fanaticism in mags like Martial Arts Movie Associates.
Apparently someone with no sense actually released "the Dragon Lives Again" (1976) on DVD and what I thought was tall talk, is true. Bruce goes to hell and it seems that the he is facing a possible coup by a variety of ‘60s and ‘70s pop culture icons who want to take over The Underworld. This gang includes James Bond (a bushy haired white guy in a cheap tuxedo), Clint Eastwood (a Chinese guy with a beard, wearing the poncho costume from the Leone westerns), the Exorcist (another Chinese guy, wearing a black Nehru jacket), Zaitoichi the Blind Swordsman (who simulates his ocular disability by fluttering his eyelids) and Emmanuelle (the happy hedonist of French soft-core porn). There is also a Chinese Dracula, who seems to have overcome his Transylvanian counterpart's aversion to sunlight.
Bruce Lee, however, recruits his own gang of good-guys to fight this evil band. Part of the heroic team is the fabled One-Armed Boxer (whom Bruce casually refers to as "One-Armed") and Popeye the Sailor. Yes, Popeye the Sailor is least in the form of a Chinese guy with a shaved head, a large corncob pipe and the Popeye costume.
See the truth and gawk in amazment...

What's with the hat?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Link Link

More sharities...I found this some place online, but I can't remember where. Link Wray stuff is kind'a hard to find on vinyl and I have little or none these days. I swiped this as soon as I saw it.
Someone ripped this from good 'ol Sundazed records and so I must pass it on.

Link Wray and his Ray Men-White Lightening,The Lost Cadence Sessions (1958)
"This is the fantastic and fiery album that was supposed to have been released as a follow-up to one of the all-time great, instrumental classics, “Rumble.” But faster than you can say “Drag Race,” everyone was talking about the new threat to the morals of American youth — Cadence label-owner Archie Bleyer included. That’s why Link and his boys were off the imprint, and this album of his prime-era, distorto-guitar-crunch cool remained unreleased for nearly 50 years! At long last, here it is, and it’s every bit as dirty and dangerous as you would expect!"

Kool, dad!
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