Monday, February 27, 2006

Pour Me Up a Frankenstein!

Is this the coolest thing since peanut butter/jelly in the same jar, or what? I would' killed to have gotten this if I had seen it as a kid.

Go ahead and bid now!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the early part of the day writing the post on Don Knotts, and in the evening some friends and family (about 5 people) came over to have pizza and some of Eric's killer cake. I got some cool presents, too.
My present to me is this... soon as I find out if Tower records has it or not.

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday you 'ol sack of dirt...
Happy Birthday to me....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Don Knotts 1924-2006

Another one of my idols has left this earth...right on the heels of Al Lewis, no less. Don Knotts, to me, was the everyman he portrayed on the Andy Griffith Show and later in the films he did for Universal. The simple, humble bumbler was a schtick Knotts culled over the years, probably as far back as his days in the entertainment field in the military. He got notoriety on the Tonight Show (with Steve Allen) in his nervous Man on the Street bits with Tom Posten. (A great example of this schtick, is his speech in the Ghost and Mr. Chicken that was totally convincing and totally heart warming at the same time.) His big break in was 1958 when he was cast in the small role of the psychiatrist in the Broadway play "No Time For Sergeants," which starred Andy Griffith, who would play a large part in Don's future career. Don also appeared in the film adaption of the play with Griffith.
In 1959 Andy got his break with the Andy Griffith Show and called Don to join him. Don was nominated and won Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor five times from 1961 to 1967 for his legendary Barney Fife character. In the middle of this success he signed to do a picture for Warners called the Incredible Mr. Limpet.
Limpet was a simple humble man that , through incredible circumstances, becomes a fish that helps out the US Army in ways only he can. Another example of the everyman reaching and becoming greater than even he could imagine.
After making a splash with the "Incredible Mr Limpet" (1964) for Warners, Knotts signed a 5 picture deal with Universal to portray his average Joe character. For Universal, Don starred in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1965), "The Reluctant Astronaut" (1967), "The Shakiest Gun in the West" (1968), "The Love God?" (1969) and "How To Frame A Figg" (1971). Anybody that loves movies has got to love the Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
This is without a doubt Don's finest example of humility and false bravado set against a spooky murder mystery. He wears the exact same suit and hat as in the Andy Griffith show and even lives in the same type of small community town (Rachel Kansas) that we all wish for. One of the best examples of the small man up against the larger wealthier business tycoons, (a small town up against the corporations?) is the exchange with Phil Ober as Nicholas Simmons:
Simmons: "Just who do you think you are Heggs? A pip squeak like you trying to take on a business man like me...just who do you think you are?"
Heggs: "Drop dead, that's who.."
..and he runs from the room.
This is a good example of the average man trying to verbalize his anger for the bulldozing corporations that were, even then, leaching off of the small towns in America. His stumbling to the meaning of his come back only endears Luther to us. We too have come backs that fall flat in situations like these...they don't come out as we envisioned them...because that is reality.
When I heard that Knotts had passed, I was driving my car and heading home and I thought of the other actors that had influenced me as a kid...The Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Dick Van Dyke, etc. The themes of these comedy actors are all the yourself. You shouldn't try to change who you are. Who you are is more powerful than any imaginary hero.

Early in his career, Don was told he wasn't going to make it as an actor, so he took the first job available to him...plucking chickens. How ironic.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Blog, Blog...It Pleasures Me!

Ben is runnin' this awesome bit of obscure audio.... Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead Soundtrack...over at his site. Go get it!..I command!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Freaky Franky

I saw this cool 1961 Aurora Frankenstein for sale on Ebay and had to post these pics.... this hip or what?
Get it here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wild and Weird

I saw this puzzle for auction on Ebay and had to snag the images. The pics were of the items laying back on the floor, at and angle, but I took them into Photoshop and tweaked them. I kicked up the color and contrast too.

This is a Jaymar puzzle from 1964 that was trying to cash in on the hot rod monster craze that was, actually by then, slowing down.
Great art work, though.
$40 Buy It Now...

Coop and I Are Like This

I noticed that Coop has linked me to his blog. Quite a distinction for me since I dig his work and have since 1990. He might not know it, but he and I have a mutual friend.
Coop has a particular fetish that a few of us have..he's addicted to Japanese toys.
I met my buddy Storm (our mutual friend/dealer) years ago when I started my Japanese toy fetish back in '89. I strictly bought Ultraman and was particularly into the vintage monsters. Storm had been dealing toys at conventions since the early 80's when I met him, and probably had collected them since the 1970s. It's an expensive hobby, like collecting works of art.
I met Coop, briefly, at a ComiCon show in San Diego in '98. Storm had his table there as usual, and I was helping watch it for him. The thing distinctive about the '98 show was that Storm dug stuff out of his personal stash to sell. Something he didn't really do....he would buy stuff just for resale. BUT this time, he had the "dope" from his personal collection, and it was a sight to see. I remember noting that the SUV we drove to San Diego in was packed full with boxes to sell...and when we headed back...after he made over $10,000 in sales...the SUV was still full!!
Here's Storm with his table...
...better shot of stuff in the glass case...
...Storm in the hotel displaying a weekend's pay...$10,000 in cash and checks...

We had a blast that weekend. I remember Storm ordering both a steak and lobster at a restaurant, after we closed shop on Sunday. The guy taking the order couldn't believe it.
It drove Storm crazy 'cause he was buyin', and all I'd get were Caesar salads.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Groman Empire

James Groman finally joined the blog-sphere at his site, JAMES GROMAN. I first saw James' work back in the early 90s..the grand days of the garage model kit. I found his illustration and sculpting style fresh and different and envied him when he got that sweet Godzilla gig with Polar Lights.
Check out the killer Creature resin kit prototype he made for Geometric Designs..
Go over to his site and check out the other works.

Thanks to DRAWN for the link.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Munster Music Mania

I'm flipping over the share-ity stuff over at Scar Stuff and mentioned it in a post a couple of days ago. I dug the Munsters LP he posted so much, that I decided to make a CD label for it instead of just writing on the CD with a Sharpie. I usually make labels for the more special CDs and DVDs that I burn.
I use the TDK matte CD/DVD Labels that go with the TDK Labeling Kit. I can't stand the program that comes with it, so I devised my own template system in Photoshop to work up labels in layers and customize them completely for print out. It's been working, but I'm not sure how the template would work on other printers. When I worked it out, it took a few attempts to line it all up. I thought I'd share the Munsters label with everyone to at least try and if it works for you, lemme know.

(click on image, save and print out)

...and yes Jason, for some reason, I dated the album 1965. I don't know why. Too many names, my head.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Data Junkie

Is it me, or does Data Junkie consistantly have the coolest and best scans out there?...humm?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bent Records

I copped Ben's site through Bubblegum Fink. Looks promising. He's a rippin' an a postin'.
He's got another Hanna Barbera LP up...Precious Pupp and Granny Sweet...

..I tweaked his image in Photoshop to bring out the the glare looks like the headlight beam! Weird.

My Grandpa Died

I found out Saturday.
I'm not going to go into a long post on how Al Lewis effected me as a kid, there are plenty of other blogs and sites that will write reams on that subject. Suffice it to say that, what you saw of him on the what you got with Al Lewis. That's why everybody knew him as their Grandpa.
Watch the old episodes and see a guy having a blast being himself.

Now go over to SCAR STUFF and download the Munsters album. (This is the rock group collection of songs, not the original cast album) A tricky one to find.
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