Monday, October 31, 2005

One Last Bunch of Treats

Here's the final handful of treats for you...desktop wallpapers for your computer box! Click 'em, save 'em, and do what you will. Put them up on your work computer and scare your boss...mystify your friends...cause a riot in school! Great fun!
First up...Regan! 'nuff said!

GROW LIVE MONSTERS on your very computer!!

See through BONES with this wallpaper!! (it could happen)

...and from a flyer from the 40's, Midnight Zombie's Jamboree Spook Show! WOW..your computer's all yellowing n stuff.

Lastly...a favorite icon of the monster 60's...the SHOCK MONSTER!!

Next post we'll see what I got from MY trick or treating.

Another Handful of Treats.....

WOW! Hey Kids...Get your own MONSTER PIN UPS! Free!! Hang 'em up in your room, locker, or favorite Walmart restroom!!
Click 'em, save, and print out!!

(Don Post Studios 1966)

More Treats....

Second handful of TREATS...
FREE t-shirt iron-ons!! These are scanned from original monster iron-ons from the early 60's....advertised on TV as Mani-Yaks! Click ' 'em...print them out on transfer paper, as is, and iron them on your favorite sweatshirt or t-shirt. Wear 'em to school and get detention!! Upset grandma!

More treats are coming...

Trick or Treat!

As I write this, it's raining outside and I fear that it will continue into the night and will interfere with the Trick or Treaters. When I was a kid, I don't remember if it ever rained on Halloween or not. If it did, I'm sure I was bumbed out. I can't control the weather, but I can control the treats that can be given out...especially here.
First handful: LINKS!

Great German (or Dutch) monster site...No english, but tons of great images, cool music, etc. Enough to "choke a horse".

Another great blog about monster stuff in general. Pretty good artist too.

Gruesomestein Monsters!
Great artwork from a couple of Canadian animators.

Title says it all! Go now!

...and of course you gotta hit Old Haunts for a butt load of Halloween, and all year 'round. (the way it should be!)

More treats later....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurrican Ashley Hits Dallas!!

This past week an old friend came back to town to celebrate Penny's birthday and to see his old friends and family who still live here.
Here's a pic of Jerry Ashley we took while he was here.

I met my wife Penny, in 1988, at a Halloween party when Jerry lived here in Dallas. He always threw the best parties and the one in 1988 changed my life. Thanks Jerry.

Here's Penny inpersonating Inger Nilsson from the cover of the Pippi Longstocking box set I bought her.

Penny's a nerd.

Here's another bad picture of Jerry with his niece, Aurelia.

Aurelia's a nerd too.

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls

Way back when Ebay came about, I finally had a way to find the really hard to find LPs that were eluding me at thrift stores and garage sales. The Frankie Stein LPs of the "Monster Craze" early 60's were only a myth to me until I spotted the auctions on Ebay. These auctions came up every once in a while, so the idea that the Frankie Stein abulms were very rare wasn't an issue any more. They weren't cheap...but at least I knew they really were out there.
The concept for Frankie Stein and the Ghouls was to play '60s style instrumental dance rock with screams and other bizarre sound effects mixed in, and then to give the songs corny "horror" titles, (emulating the then popular Famous Monsters magazine).

This is the first in the series. It has songs with titles like: "Kiss of Death," "Goon River," "A Hearse is Not a Home," "Three Little Weirds," "Lullaby of Ghostland," "Knives & Lovers," "Little Ghoul Blue," "Ghoul Days," "Little Brown Bug," "The Neck Twist." The last track is a favorite.
The cover art got better. They were riding on the monster craze that the late night TV monster movies and FM had fueled.

This is a favorite cover.

(Click on the image to the left for super detail)
Luckily in this day and age, we can click a link and download the entire albums as MP3s...which leads me to the reason of this post..
Check out theFRANKIE STEIN albums at Tiki Tim's Exotic Lounge.
If you gotta have them all once...check here at ROGER'S BASEMENT for the entire 5 album collection on a two CD set. Play them while giving out Halloween candy.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Count Stockula!

Paper stock...that is. Yes this is a post both relating to, or ragging about, MORE paper craft stuff (thought I was off that kick, didn't you?) and the fact that cereals don't have cool crap in them anymore. honor of Halloween (my absolute favorite time of the year...duh.), I'm posting a vintage Count Chocula paper mask that you can print out on card stock, cut out, and wear around your office or bedroom.
This was on the back of Count Chocula cereal during the mid 70's and only shows that the cereal companies knew what we wanted. Kids loved putting on masks and pretending.

(Click on the image)
Follow the instructions. Remember to use rounded scissors and not to cut yourself. You might ask your mom to help sure to share it with your brother or sister.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MOON MONSTER geek fest part 2!!

Aaaaahh..the mail came yesterday and in a large envelope (probably very much like it originally came in..) was my MOON MONSTER!!! (echo effect again...) He was large! I spread him out on the floor and took pictures JUST for this blog.

Six feet...gotta hang it up somewhere...
Let's get closer....

Check out the planet behind him. He's looking RIGHT at YOU!! This image would make a great wallpaper actually. Click on it and save it. Let's get even closer...

Dang! You're all in his face 'n stuff. Take a Tic Tac, Moon Monster! ("oooh that smell...can't you smell that smell...the smell of Moon Monster that surrounds you..")

Check out the brush strokes. Originally, the painting must've been a little smaller than the print size. Looks like the artist knocked it out in about 2 hours...had other posters to paint, no doubt. Let's look at the "talons of hate".

Yep...he is "Horrifying" and "Exciting"...and "Thrilling"...but if I got him as a kid, I would'a been real pissed.
FYI..the actual creature the painting is based on, is from a great movie called..."Curse of the Demon".

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MOON MONSTER geek fest!

I was cruising Ebay a few nights ago, and was about to call it a night and tap the "close" button, when I came across this item for bid or "buy now".

And, from looking at the picture, it was a tall poster...over 6 feet!!

I totally flipped 'cause I knew it was the MOON MONSTER!! (echo effect) The very creature that I lusted for (yes...I lust for monsters...some times.) back in the day. If the image doesn't ring a bell, maybe this ad from the comics will jog your memory...(click on it and enlarge)

Yea...the ad never says it's a poster of a moon monster (slight echo), and the masks you get with it are not actual rubber masks (by Topstone), but are photos of rubber masks (by Topstone). I always wondered how they could even mail a 6 foot moon monster (very small echo, now) for a buck...much less send rubber masks, 4 x 5 photos, etc. The mystery is solved. You'd get a stack of paper that cost them 15 cents...max! joined the Monster Fan Club...what a deal, huh?
Read more about the MOON MONSTER (no echo) over at Scott's
Comic Book Heaven I'll let you know when the MOON MONSTER (burp) get's to my mailbox....very much in the same fashion it should have arrived over 30 years ago. Another mystery solved.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dumb Is, as Dumb Does

I took my mom and dad, Penny and my sister to dinner tonight in honor of my dad's 83rd birthday. The guy looks about 50...(I inherited those genes, by the way!)
Usually any kind of get together with mom is pretty surreal, and this was no exception.
Early in the evening, for no reason, mom stated that dad was born in 1899...? "No....1922", dad said "My gran'father was born in 1899, woman!".
After dinner at "On the Border"'s was talking about the Riley reunion that neither I nor my sister Jeanette was told about.

Dad: "...uh..oh..yea..there was the two cousins that I hadn't seen in a long time...Darcy and ..."
Mom interjects: "They both were.." and she puts her hands over her ears.
Dad: "..huh?" looking at her.
Mom chews her tacos and places her gloved hands over her ears again.
Dad: .."Oh yea..they were both deaf and dumb.."
Mom: Yelling, "No they weren't...they went to college!"

At that point Penny stifled a laugh, almost blowing beans out her nose.

When leaving, dad had mom by the arm. As they casually walked along the sidewalk, mom spotted a packet of ketchup on the ground and tried to divert dad away from it. Screaming at the top of her lungs, as if it's a land mine..."Don't step on that ketchup!"..she inadvertently shoved him straight for the packet and he stumbled towards a flower bed filled with CACTUS! Both Penny and I grabbed him before he hit the ground.

Next year dad will be born in 1779, and mom will swear that "booger bears" are on the menu.
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