Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kramer Klaim

I have to admit something that most people wouldn't admit in public.

I like every stitch of wardrobe that Kramer wears. He has my style in clothing. I'm not sure if that's good or bad...but there it is.

We also agree about women's anatomy. I'm an "ass man" too.

"The female body is a work of art. The male body is to just get's like a jeep."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Halloween's Coming!!

I can't wait for my favorite holiday...Halloween. I'm already working on my costume and it's the peak of summer (90-98f at night!!) If you know know that's ME.
I went poking around and found this kick ass blog that you must see!!
He runs great images of Halloween's past,like these:

I would'a killed for that costume! I was an Evil Knievel freak as a kid!!

"Moon Man"...that's GREAT!

Check out Keith's blog and start sizing up pumpkins!

SPACE 1999

I'm debating whether or not to buy the SPACE 1999 DVD box sets. I liked the show as a kid, but from what I remember, most of the episodes are pretty cerebral and talky. I don't know how I had the patience then (I was in high school.)I guess we were all into space stuff thanks to STAR WARS. The THEME SONG to SPACE 1999 totally rawked the house though!! I have it on vinyl..still. I use to have the View Master reels as well...

...but traded those off over 10 years ago.
I'd like to have the Martin Landau doll....

....just to say I HAVE a Martin Landau doll. How weird is that?

I'd also like to have Barbara Bain...

...butt that ain't gonna happen.

If you do check out any of the episodes, look for one called "Dragon's Domain". It's totally phuct up!

Grand Hotel (1932)

Last night we watched "Grand Hotel". I caught a piece of it the other night on TCM and didn't finish it, ('cause it was 1 AM) so I went out to premiere Video (Greatest Freakin' Video Store in Dallas..dammit!) and rented a copy.

Just the fact that it has TWO Barrymores in it is enough to want to see it, but it also had a young hot Joan Crawford, toddling around in skin tight dresses.

I's got some kissing an stuff in it...especially with John Barrymore and Great Garbo...

...but it's worth the look to watch all of these greats on the screen at once. As a matter of fact, there's a lingering, almost flaunting shot, of both Barrymores, Wallace Stone, and Joan Crawford at the front desk in each of their own scenarios. Each one steps into each other's scenes briefly, but keeps into their characters. You gotta remember..all these stars were headliners by themselves and here was a scene with over half the movie's main stars together, sometimes walking on each other's lines.
Wallace Beery is in it as well and plays a particularly interesting character that just spirals out of control.
Garbo seems like a scene chewer in her role, but it's a nice performance of a fragile and histrionic ballerina confused with life. This is the film where she states her classic line, not once but three times,..."I want to be alone."
Penny and I cheered every time she said that!
Both Barrymores were focused on their performances. John was perfectly cast as a well meaning, gentleman thief who unexpectedly falls for Garbo...and Lionel is great as a "bean counter" with a short time to live and is determined to live it to the fullest.
If you want to see the ORIGINAL glamorous Hollywood stars, when it meant Grand Hotel.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Paul Winchell (Dec. 21, 1922-June 24, 2005)

Another one of my idols died recently, in June. I read his obit in "The Week" magazine then, and have been meaning to write something here since.

When I was a kid, ventriloquism was pretty huge. You couldn't open up a Sears "Wish Book" catalog and not see a two page spread on ventriloquist dummies. Charlie McCarthy, Willie Talk, Laurel and Hardy, and, of course, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff.
I really longed for one and even sent off for one of those gizmos that was supposed to help you throw your voice. (It wasn't until I was in my 20's until I got my own Charlie McCarthy. I also have a Pee Wee Herman ventriloquist doll.)
Paul died, in his sleep, with his family near. They knew all what he did, but I wonder if other generations know.
As a child he had a bad stutter, which his mother didn't help with her over bearing ways. As a remedy he took up ventriloquism, which he associated with magic...a favorite subject with him. Being a huge fan of Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy also gave him plenty of inspiration.
Paul got his first break in 1936, when he appeared on the “Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour” with his first puppet, Terry. He later was part of a ground breaking TV event, probably forgotten by film and TV historians. Paul's first television appearance was a show he hosted in John Wannamaker’s, a department store, and was broadcast only within the store itself, since TV had not yet made it to the American home. Later, Paul was given a big plug by Ed Sullivan. His occasional appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” made him known to a large national audience and helped spearhead his growth as an entertainer in demand.

Not only was Winchell huge in the 50's and 60's..and single handedly brought ventriloquism back in vogue with his TV show, "Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Hour" (debuted in '47), but he was a staple in animation as a character voice. In '68 he was the voice of Tigger in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day," which earned an Academy Award for best animated short film. Paul did Tigger until about '99.
When Paul began to air the legendary, "Winchell Mahoney Time" (1950s) on Saturday mornings, it soon conquered the children's show audience, featuring Milton DeLugg, the bandleader, a large, highly energized audience of kids, a clubhouse motif and theme songs that these children would never completely forget. For the first year of "Winchell Mahoney Time," Carol Burnett made her first television appearance as a stable character in the show.

In the 60's, Paul did the voice of Fleegle of the Banana Splits and other Hanna Barbera chacters then...Dick Dasterdly, Jetsons, Smurfs..(he was Poppa Smurf!!)..etc. He also worked on several Disney pictures during the 60s and 70s and is considered one of the "classic" voices of the Old Disney.
Not a lot of people know that Paul was an inventor. His greatest claim to fame was the artificial heart invented in 1963. The "medical" community didn't actually use it until 1982. Not too much about that in the "medical reports" these days, heh? (Click and read that article)

Paul had over 30 patents including a portable blood plasma defroster, an early disposable razor, a sectional garment for hypothermia, and a retractable fountain pen.

Today, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff, reside in the Smiffsonian...ahem...Smithsonian Institute in Washington in silence.

3 Eyed Punkin'

By buddy Aaron e-mailed me this drawing a few months ago. He did this when he was about 4 or 5 years old. Awesome, in every sense of the word. No wonder he and I get a long so well.

(click to enlarge)
My favorite is the 3 eyed punkin'.

Some points of interest here:
Frankenstein is apparently chained to the wall...and the letter B is keeping a watch over him.
The aliens (one with the crab claws, the other with a numbered fingers) are apparently female...cause they got's some hangin' titties.
Notice the moon over the small castle. It looks like it's a lunar eclipse....and lets not forget to point out that it was all drawn in RED ink.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


We're working (slowly) on our second bathroom. Penny decided to try out the crapper before we installed it. embarrassing....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Busy Over Here!!

Somebody asked me when I was going to post again...I'm frickin' busy over here!!
Blog this!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Man with the Screaming Blog

We went to go see "The Man with the Screaming Brain" last night at the midnight movie. It was actually made for the Sci-Fi Channel but we got it because of some "Deal" with the Landmark theatres...or some such.
I didn't laugh as hard as I thought I would, but Cambell was really on form with his acting. He's come a long way from the first (and historic) "Evil Dead". It's a pretty funny story and Ted Raimi practically steals the show.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scuz Fink

I just finished this model. It's a reissue of Big Daddy Roth's Scuz Fink, originally released in '64 (I think.)
Back when this was released, Revell and Roth had a whole big promotional contest for it. If you could name the new Roth monster, you'd win $$ and you can have Roth stay with you for a week (or something like that). Some little girl won the contest by picking the name Scuz Fink!
I bought this kit directly from Roth's wife, Ilene, back at the Rat Fink Reunion a couple of months ago. I customized the flag with an art jobby done in Photoshop and replaced the original plastic pole with an 8th" dowel.
This is one of the crazier kits from Roth/Revell and doesn't even have a car in the motif! It and Super Fink (I'll post picks of that one too.) were impossible to find for almost 40 years and only bootleg copies in resin exist...for a pretty penny.

Click images for a cloooooser look.

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