Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dr. Dood

Me and Mitch were doing a Google image search for Dr. Doom (his chosen subject for Halloween) and this goomer's mug popped up. WTF?

I did a Photoshop on his forehead.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Super Thighs

Me and Mitch went to the book store today and I picked up an old issue of DC's Super Powers comics. Usually I wouldn't care about 80's comics, but Jack Kirby penciled these issues. On the back is a great ad for the Super Powers figures. I wasn't into the SP stuff, but I thought someone would dig this ad.
Apparently if you squeezed Superman's thighs, he'd throw down on you. I supposed if someone squeezed my man thighs, I'd get a little scruffy too.
(click image for super close detail!)

Fink Pic

I found this pic on line somewhere. It's of someone's Rat Fink model collection. I've built those kits, at least, 3 times each myself, but don't have any to show for it. I do have some old pics. I use'ta build kits for other people...for $$. Maybe I'l post a pic or two of my stuff.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I found some of the re-issued boxes at Big Lots. It tastes the same 'cause it's basically Cap'n Crunch in a different box. I did'nt get no Gyro bike, ray gun, or ring inside either. Be'yoches!

Monkey Spank Artist

I was going to write a whole thing about Larry Buchanan and 1960's Dallas filmaking, but instead I thought I'd just post this pic of my buddy Bob.
(click on it for detail)

I have NO IDEA why I did this.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Laughing and Pointing

I'm so laughing at Penny. She hasn't even touched her blog since she made it. So I'm taking this opportunity to laugh at her.
I'm laughing...and now I'm pointing...

The picture above is something she took, and it represents her perfectly.
I married her last weekend...did I tell you? Don't get your feelings hurt if you weren't was just me, her, and Pastor Dave Hoh (yes...that's right) in his victorian house on Galveston Island.

...and I keep looking at the pic and asking myself, "what was I thinking?".


Now I'm getting spam from Russians! Ain't computers great?!

What the hell does that say, anyway?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let's be Blunt

I did this in Photoshop.

I have no reason why.
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